Getting a Cheap SEO Company? Think Again

In the wonderful world of SEO services, you will typically find (and be attracted to) many that sells themselves as an “affordable SEO company”; in other words, “cheap SEO company”.

All enterprises, whether large or small, want to get as much value from their budget as possible, after all. Cost, as with any business, is also the most typical objection when we try to sell the value of our SEO services.

Here are 3 things to be wary of any cheap SEO company.

Cheap SEO is exactly that: low value SEO

Getting a cheap SEO company service means getting low-value tactics. This means that they will use automated techniques that are of no value to the user or visitor, keyword-stuffed content that doesn’t make sense (or worse, hacked/stolen content), link buying, or anything (or at least that’s what they think) just to get the keyword on top of the page rankings.

Dr. Pete of Moz said it perfectly, “There’s a more fundamental problem, though, in my opinion – low-value tactics don’t build anything toward the future. Once they fail, and they usually do, you have to start over and chase some new low-value tactic.”

Cheap SEO means fast, but short-term results

While there are many strategies that can easily put your website on top of the search results for your target rankings, they aren’t made for businesses who want to stay on there when they get there.

“Content is king” might sound cliche, but content (whether in the form of news, blogs, products and services) IS exactly what searchers are looking for. Therefore good SEO means creating quality content and providing what exactly your target audience want to see.

Takeaway: great content does not come overnight. It is built upon a content strategy with strong research, analysis and planning.

Cheap SEO puts your website at risk

Employing all these low-value and short-term techniques will eventually be found out by search engines and you put your website at risk on penalization. Google algorithm updates are meant to address exactly these tactics — to push poor quality content off the map and force SEOs to be mindful of their strategies.

Do you still want to work with a cheap SEO company? Or do you want to go for a cost-effective one backed with a good track record? Sound off in the comments!

Poxse Digital Markeing focuses on strong research, analysis and on-page optimization to make sure your website is crawled and indexed properly by search engines. We do this because we think long-term; we put quality content so your target market and customers can find you easily.

While this takes some time, we also do a healthy amount of social media marketing and link building to get the word out quickly about both your site and content. Interested in our SEO services? Contact us today.