How to Take Advantage of Malaysian Consumer Surge Through Digital Marketing

According to the latest Nielsen Survey, Malaysian consumer gains momentum in the second quarter of 2016. This means more and more Malaysians are getting confident in spending their money. As technology continues to advance people are going to be more confident in the next few years when it comes to spending.

What does this mean to business owners in Malaysia? It means there will be lots of channels that will enable Malaysians to spend, be it Ecommerce websites, retail, and other form of shopping. And if you are a business owner who wants to be in front of these consumers, you might want to consider these valuable points:

A well-optimized website

Malaysians are avid online shoppers, in fact we are one of the top countries when it comes to Ecommerce shopping. For a business owners to take advantage of it, you should have a well-optimized website. Don’t bother if you don’t have enough budget for Ecommerce website development, just make sure you have a user-friendly website, can crawl and index by search engines, and offers good products or services.

Be on social media

Social Media Marketing offers multiple opportunity to meet and engage your ideal target audience. In Malaysia alone, there are approximately 18 million social media users. That number is enough reason to be more visible in Social networking websites.

Localize your SEO effort

Local SEO has grown over the years. This allows business owners to target people around the vicinity of their business location. By just verifying your locations in Google Maps, it offers a lot of opportunity to engage with the nearest costumer around you. If Search Engine Optimization is an alien for you, you can watch this short video for you to have an idea. Or consult a freelance search engine optimization specialist for free consultation.

List your business or services to local directories and classified ads

Directories lost their power few years ago. However, local directories still offers lots of opportunities for business owners to cater their product or services especially with Malaysians aggressive online shopping habit. So craft a good description about your business, services, and products and post them to local directories such as One Stop Malaysia, and Business World Malaysia.

List your products to Ecommerce websites

Lazada and other ecommerce websites are great when it comes to products listing because they get most of the traffic in ecommerce industry. Listing your products on those websites will surely give you a huge boost in sales. These types of websites can also help spreading the word if you have promos and discounts.