Why Hiring an Online Freelancer Makes a Lot of Sense for Small Businesses

Why Hiring an Online Freelancer Makes a Lot of Sense for Small Business
Let’s face it, web services have been more expensive over the last few years. And this sole factor makes it hard for small businesses to have an established presence in the internet as big brands with huge budget dominate the internet realm.

Some were able to work around it by learning the trend in the internet, some got stuck with the traditional way of doing business.

Yes it’s daunting and frustrating. However, there’s a small segment of service providers that may help small business to grow their business online, and they’re in the form of freelance workers.

In Malaysia alone, there’s thousands of small businesses striving to have a good presence in the internet. And majority of them are being managed by freelancers. Be it digital marketing, web design, or web development.

So does hiring freelancers really makes sense? Here are some of the valuable points why it makes sense.

Less Expensive

Yes, freelance services cost a fraction of what big agencies charge. You can even negotiate the price even if its cheaper. And if you are just starting a business with tight budget, you can hire freelancers to do the job for you – website, online marketing, or simply online banner.

You just need to know the best practices in hiring freelancers and you’re good to go.

Freelancers are More Flexible Than Most Web Service Providers

One main reason why freelancers choose to be freelancers is that they want to have their own working hours. And that makes a lot sense for their clients as they tend to be available whenever needed. At poxse, we even entertain client consultation even at 2:00AM. You can even ask them to work for you even in weekends with minimal additional payment.

Freelancers are as Creative as Web Service Providers

Especially in marketing and design. Freelancers have their own world and they take advantage of it by exploring a lot of things, learning new techniques, cope with new trend, etc. And this makes them more creative thus benefiting your business.

Focused Expertise

If you want to jump start your online campaign, or launch your first website, you can hire someone to do these things one at a time and freelancers are best fit for this kind of work. Freelance workers are experts in their field and have a specific line of expertise that may help you grow your business online.


Good freelancers will surely have a wide experience in their field. Ask for their work portfolio to validate their works and you are good to deal with them. Most of well experienced freelance professionals have a huge client base and most of them actually have a team working for them. They work as your usual web service provider but charge smaller service fee than those common agencies but deliver the same quality of work.